How Big Is A 14 Inch Bike?

Depending on the context, a 14-inch bike may mean a wheel bike or a 14-inch frame bike.

The wheel size is for kids whereas the frame size is for adults.

Kids’ bikes are sized based on the size of the wheels whereas adults’ bikes are sized based on the size of the frame along with the wheel size.

But knowing the size of the wheels alone will not provide you with enough information on how big a 14-inch bike is.

For this, you need to consider two other aspects of the bicycle which we go through in detail below.

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How Big Is A 14 Inch Wheel Bike:

A 14-inch wheel bike refers to the diameter of the wheels.

That means a 14-inch bike will be fitted with wheels that measure 14 inches across and this is how kid’s bikes are sized.

A 14-inch wheel bicycle is a relatively new category in the kids’ biking space.

In terms of sizing, it straddles a 12-inch bike on the lower end and a 16-inch bike on the higher.

Some kid-specific brands have done away with the 12-inch size and are focussed only on the 14-inch size segment.

Per these brands, a 14-inch bike has better geometry than a 12-inch bike.

But the wheel size alone will not provide you with an understanding of how big a bike is if you are planning to get one for your kid.

You also have to consider the standover height as well as the reach of the bike to gauge how big a 14-inch bike is.

Generally, it’s a recommended bike size for 4-year-olds and 3-year-olds.

Reach: This roughly denotes the space the rider has between the seat and the handlebars.

This space needs to be optimum for kids to feel confident with the bike, especially when starting out.

If this space is too big, the kid would be sat way back on the saddle and will have to overextend to reach the handlebars.

Likewise, if this space is less, the kid will feel cramped and will have to overexert to move the bike and will have their knees touching the handlebars during the top of the stroke.

Standover Height: The standover height of the bike is also a crucial aspect, especially for kid’s bikes.

This is the measurement of the height of the bike from the floor to a point on the top tube (the top tube is the tube that connects the handlebars to the seat post in the rear).

The standover height has to be optimum for the kid to feel comfortable with the bike, especially during the learning phase.

For 14-inch bikes, the standover height is roughly around 14 inches.

This may vary slightly depending on the brand and the variant.

So, a kid whose inseam height is 16 inches and above will find a 14-inch bike to be a good fit.

One other aspect that needs to be kept in mind is the Q factor of the bike, especially for toddlers and young kids.

Q factor: This measures the distance between the two pedals.

Higher the Q factor, the kid will have to splay the legs while pedaling leading to overexertion.

Lower the Q factor – better the balance and control of the bike.

How Big Is A 14 Inch Bike Frame:

A 14-inch bike frame refers to the size of the frame and this is how adults’ bikes are sized.

But frame sizes can be tricky compared to wheel sizes.

The wheel sizes are standard across all bike types but frame sizes can vary between different bike types such as mountain, road, hybrid, etc.

For eg., 14-inch wheels on a mountain or gravel bike will have 14-inch wheels irrespective of the bike type.

For 14-inch frames, the bikes are generally classified as below.

  • Mountain: XS
  • Road: No 14-inch frame size. The XXS bikes start at 18 inches and above
  • Hybrid/Gravel: XS

What Size Is A 14 Inch Bike Frame:

A 14-inch bike is sized XS for a mountain or gravel bike.

This is the lowest size frame for an adult bike that you’d be able to get.

This frame size would be able to accommodate a rider who is between 58 inches and 62 inches in height.

Even teens who are tall would find a 14-inch frame big enough to accommodate for their height.

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